Nuts on the plane…

4987_107918382645_762862645_2748408_7175871_nMy favorite frequent flier, R.F. (you remember him, don’t you? If not click here), just emailed the cartoon above and wrote, “I wonder if she greeted this passenger with…’What do you NEED?'”   Based on the the forced smile upon the stewardess’s face, I’d have to say yes, “What do you NEED?” sounds just about right. Only it was probably more like, What do you need NOW!  through clenched teeth, since she looks a little…well…crazy.  Then again, trying to balance a silly hat (with a twisty tie on top) on the side of your head might just make anyone look crazy.  So anyway, perhaps now is a good time to review flight attendant pet peeve #6: the run around    



    • I guess I kinda like the way “junk” looks. You do know those are the breaks on the beverage cart?

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