Laviators 49 – 62!


I’ve now become a laviator! What is that, you ask? Read this – GamerTraveler

Thank you, GamerTraveler!  Now I don’t have to explain the whole laviator thing, because as you know, that ain’t easy!  – Heather





 Ghurl, what’s up!  I finally remembered to take my laviator picture.  The picture was taken from DFW to SAN on a 757 and yes clutch your pearls ghurl it was taken in coach lavatory –  Mark, the optometrist / wanna-be flight attendant.

You guys remember, Mark, right?  He’s the one who wrote the hilarious letter featured on the Galley Gossip blog post – How flying standby can make you religious.  Well not only am I clutching my imaginary pearls, Mark, but I do believe I’m going to need a little CPR!  I mean when are you going to learn that nonreving sucks!  I don’t care how much you pray!  Not only are you going to end up in coach (if you even get on the flight at all) you’re going to be sitting in a middle seat – that won’t recline – in the last row next to the lav.  Just buy the damn ticket next time.  Thank you.   – Heather  




The following is from Megan’s (flight attendant) blog, Through the lens…

The paperwork was out and we were all ready to shut the door and push the aircraft as we waited on the lav “cleaners”. I watched the lady in the back working her magic on our bathroom and suggested to the crew that we just take her with us. Like the posh and upscale bars and clubs that have the bathroom attendant handing out mints and paper towels, our lav lady could give sprays of the lav spray as the passengers entered and exited. I would definitely tip her today, that is for sure!  By the time we pushed, the back half of the aircraft no longer had me gagging and the passengers seemed to be a bit more comfortable. I think I put up a good fight but this Lav had me beat. However, in the end, the lav was not the ultimate winner.  Just for that, when we switched aircrafts for our next flight and I found a clean, non-smelly lav…. i decided it was finally time to join the others in the Laviators club…






My mid-flight Laviator post (flight attendant provided code for free in flight internet) – Jefe









Decided to join the lavs club – Um_hi_Isaiah (SWA ramper)

QUESTION:  Were you working?  Did your coworkers see you?  How did you pull that off?     





Finally! I laviated! – Erin

Thank God you did, because everyone loves a beautiful laviator!











I finally laviated…  Delta DTW-ORD!! – Danita

Not only did you laviate, you look smashing doing so!  If I’m not mistaken, you’re wearing my second favorite uniform








Heading to ORD from MSP (ultimately destined for TOL, Toledo Ohio) on an AA Super 80.  Had a row to myself and got bored so I decided I should laviate.   Who knew it would take five tries to get a shot I liked…of me…in a LAVATORY!  – Tony Stork (Tm24fan)









Mexicana flight 850 – Eric (Smaki611)








My kids and I just completed our trip from east coast USA to Southeast Asia (Laos). I thought of your inspirational TBEX panel and took our first “Laviator” photo enroute. There are all 3 of us in the bathroom, which might be some kind of laviator record.

Candice Broom


Dear Candice,

While you don’t officially hold the laviator record for number of people in the lav, you are tied with a Southwest crew of three for the record.   Good job!  Cute kids!  Great photo! 







S-W-Laviating! – Drew  (Curbcrusher)








 My photoshop’d laviator photo! – Derek (Flyddw)

Yeah, umm, Derek, I think we need to talk.  While I did agree, reluctantly, to accept one (and only one!) official honorary photoshopped member, I’m fairly certain that those aren’t your…well…I’m sorry, but they just don’t look like your arms!   Therefore, I’m leaving it up to the group to decide.  Group, your decision please!  Is he or isn’t he a laviator?




  1. Hooray, it’s official! I’m a bonafide laviator!

    And, on the imaginary laviation, I would like to put in that the thing that unsettles ME about the photo is that the lav is REALLY REALLY clean. It just doesn’t seem fair.
    If my photo had been scratch and sniff, you would know what I endured to capture that image!

  2. While technically Derek’s pose isn’t “real”, it sure is funny. I vote to keep him, as long as it doesn’t start a wave of photoshopped pics to follow.

  3. haha! I had no idea I was actually posted here! and a vote 2-2! I’m all for authentic photos – I just don’t fly enough to take a good one. I was sitting across this “clean” one and remembered this “contest”. So took a photo, and figured I’d add myself with photoshop. As I looked for good photo’s of myself, I figured I’d go with the funny one.

    That’s me behind that Panda mask! I’ll produce the real photo when I find it.

    I still bow to the real votes of the real members!

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