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  1. How funny. What a great guy to write the letter to being with. I can understand she wouldn’t remember a passenger, but I thought she would rememeber being stuck on the runway for 2 hours. Does it happen that often? Thanks for sharing the letter and Thank you for all you do so I can have the best experience possible.

  2. She was really sweeeeet! Just for the record and perhaps a message for her, life has taught us that it’s a small world and you never know.

    Just for you Heather (pleassseee , pleeassee don’t spread the word), to make you and your friend believe me, I confess that I married my elementary school seat-mate which I hadn’t seen for 15 years, after accidentally (and badly) hitting her with my car during summer vacation in Paris – blushing – :”> |. What’s the chance of that???????

    Oh, I also want to ask for your permission (as I did with George, the european guy with the Laviators video) to post some of your stories to my blog, of course, giving you all credit. I just love the idea that came thru your mind in a moment of genius and I just want others to embrace it). Feel free to subscribe to my feed, as I post daily all kinda’ stuff around there.

    Hope to hear of you soon!

    Fly beautiful!

  3. haahahahaha LOL , i loved that girl she was very sweet, i like people who is sweet because im not! hhahah and i want to be that way



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