A letter from Author Gary Buslik concerning the flight attendant call button & a frequent flier

Dear Heather,
If I push the call button, what’s rude about the attendant asking me what I need? Maybe Ron could have used a maxi pad.
Gary BuslikChristy_s_Condensed_Cover_Scan_395x600
Dear Gary,
While I do love frequent flying Ron (even if he is a two-timin cheat!), your letter cracked me up.  I think every single flight attendant who is reading this is probably smiling right about now.  Perhaps now is a good time to mention your funny book,  A Rotten Person Travels the Caribbean: A Grump in Paradise Discovers that Anyplace it’s Legal to Carry a Machete is Comedy Just Waiting to Happen (Travelers’ Tales).  I can’t wait to read it!  I mean you are sending me a copy, right? 

For those of you wondering what Gary is talking about, who the heck Ron is, and what in the world all this maxi pad talk is about, check out these Galley Gossip posts -> Frequent flier pet peeve – rude flight attendants & 20 ways to use a maxi pad in flight (and on video)


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