He was the best stewardess ever!

Dear Heather,3292539104_0b6309a9b8

Ok I have to dig up the pics, but in 2004 I was a flight attendant for Halloween.  I was living in San Francisco at the time.  I wore a platinum blonde wig and a tight fitting one piece dress that was a real flight attendant dress from the 70s that I found in Berkeley at some thrift store.  My name was Candy.  I had a seatbelt extension, a demo O2 mask, and a safety card, and since we were having a party at our house, I pushed around a little cart type thing and made drinks for people…it was a lot of work, I tell ya! I even had ballet slippers for my galley shoes! I was the best flight attendant ever!


Dear Ron,

I can tell by the last line in your email that you really were the best flight attendant ever.  Deep down inside, Ron, I think you truly are a flight attendant.  I really do.  Because only a real flight attendant would slip her barking dogs into a pair of comfy in flight shoes while working the cart.  Speaking of those pink ballet slippers of yours, how dare you write me an email and go into such great detail about this fabulous costume without including a photo!  Seriously, what’s that all about?  Oh and do they make the slippes in blue?  


PS  I’m waiting….

(Photo courtesy of Mag3737  )


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