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 Getting my laviation on! – @Catchapamilla

 I have to agree with Pamilla, she’s got it goin on!  Without a doubt, this girl wins the award for sexiest laviator!  And she’s a flight attendant, too!  You go, girl!




Brushing my teeth on the SFO-JFK redeye *on my birthday* after a 24 hr business trip, no upgrade as I was like #6 on the list. WAhhhhh, poor me, sound of many teeny violins playing! haha I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.   Lawyer Chick
Lawyer Chick and I go way back.  We met on a New York – Las Vegas flight.  Her seat was right in front of my jumpseat.  We didn’t speak until we were well into our approach to land and the chatty guy seated next to her said something to me about “a lawyer chick” he knew.  Ona, being a lawyer chick herself, spoke up and put the guy in his place.  The rest is history.  Lawyer chick wins the award for Laviator keeping it most real! 
Croatia Iceland June 2009 165
 The photo is in the lav of a Dash 8 Q400..enroute to Iceland.  Cheers – Lynnette Thate-McCoubrey
LGA – MCO (thru ORD):  It was a wild day as my 7am flight turned back to gate after we were on the runway due to mechanical difficulties.  United managed to do a great job of getting all passengers on next flight (8 am) which left at 8:30 am.  I seriously did not think I was going to make my connection but I did & my bags made it too! – Beatriz
Oh my God, Bea, did you just compliment an airline?  I think you did.  United, did you hear that?  For the love of God, give the lady some miles!
I laviated – @bigskymom74
It’s Cynthia from, but you may know better as “JetSetCD.”  I just flew to Chicago for the weekend on Jetblue  and managed to come though. Sorry the photo is so green, but the bathrochristopherom had that weird yellowy lighting. Also my boyfriend Christopher laviated on a Jetblue flight between JFKand PWM.  Yes, I do wear red lipstick when I fly 🙂 It’s Diane von Furstenberg’s color called “Foreign Affair” and I think it helps bring some of the old glamor back. 
 Cynthia Drescher
Editor –
Contributing Editor – HotelChatter. com
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Now writing that down, “foreign affair” by Diane von Furstenberg.  Thank you.  
  I’ve been meaning to do this for a while… it occurred to me on Monday morningon flight DJ726 from the Gold Coast to Melbourne on a Virgin Blue 737-800, so I did 🙂 – Steven Pam
 Gulfstream Laviators 

 This is me and @flightblogger in the lavatory of the Gulfstream GIV that used to be owned by Oprah. That lav was bigger than my 1st apartment!



Ladies and gentleman, laviators everywhere, we have a record.  Benet of wins the award for most laviations!  Laviations?  Yeah, that’s right, laviations.  First she submitted the you-can’t-see-my-face-behind-this-big-ass-camera photo.  Then came a very sweet shot of the youngest laviator, baby laviator, posing with his super cool mom, Benet – minus the ginormous camera.  And now this – an almost-celebrity, tag-team laviator shot!  Benet, you’re on fire!  And not only are you laviating with the amazing @flightblogger, Jon Ostrower, you’re doin it with him on Oprah’s plane – OPRAH!   Wait a minute, you guys  were on Oprah’s plane and didn’t invite me?  Umm…okay…what’s up with that?  We need to talk.

  hawaii 001 

I tried to convince my hubby to do it, but he was a no go and didn’t think I would make it on your site, so PLEASE prove him wrong, so I can maybe convince him next time!  This is from SFO-OGG First Class Bathroom (Thank you mileage upgrades!!)  Keep on writing so I have fun stuff to distract me from actually working! 

Your Loyal Blog Follower!

Dear Sarah, my loyal blog follower (oh I like that!)
First of all, tell that husband of yours that everyone makes the club, okay.  Well everyone except for that guy who submitted a photo that was a little too risquee to post here, we’re talking XXX, people!  Oh and I had to reject that guy who not only sat on the toilet, but actually looked like he might be using it.  Yeah, he got blocked.  Twice.  I also had to turn down the guy who keeps submitting laviator shots that are not taken in the lav.  I’m sorry, but airline clubs and hotel rooms do not count!  I don’t care how germaphobic you are.  You can also tell that husband of yours that not only did you make the page, Sarah, but you’re positioned right next to Oprah’s laviator shot, which is, I realize, not really Oprah’s laviator shot, but as close to one as I’ll ever get!   
  I recently flew from Chicagoto Munich on a huge A340-600 plane that had steps in the middle of the plane that took you to 5 bathrooms….it was really nice.
Alecs Variny
Right away the jacket told me you had style, so when I clicked the link above I was  not at all surprised to find a cool web site.  However, I can not believe how many cute things you have for kids – and all travel related!   
  I stumbled across your blog today and love it.  Then I found the Laviators.  What a relief!  I’m not as much of a sick twisted freak as I thought.  There are others who share my secret shame.  I love sneaking photos in flight… that camera is an electronic device I sometimes don’t turn off.  My favorite inflight photos are of an ExpressJet first officer proposing to a CO flight attendant on an EWR-BOS flight on the PA… but I digress. I saw the Laviators pictures about 15 minutes ago.. and, as you can tell, I didn’t have to wait for my next flight to join that club. – R.F.

R.F, you hereby win the award for sick and twisted laviator freak because you’ve been laviating before there were even “laviators”.  And that’s a good thing!  I think.   Just make sure to turn that camera off when the flight attendant makes the announcement that all electronic devices must be turned off and put away.  I mean it, R.F., stop playing around with the camera.   Turn it off and put it away or a sick and twisted freaky flight attendant will put it away for you.  I’m just saying… 



Here’s my laviator shot from this morning’s AA517. I really don’t know why I look so happy since I got up at 4:15am! – Ron

 You’re not happy, Ron, you’re delirious.  It’s too early to fly.  Go back to bed and take a later departure with me. 


  This was shot heading back from PHXto ATL on the redeye this past weekend.  I waited till about half way through the flight to make sure most of the other pax were asleep to ask the FA for a Maxi-pad to put it on my head rest to give it a little more cussion…I wish I would have taken a pic of her face!  She looked at me like I was crazy..I quickly pulled out the maxi pad post that you wrote and handed it to her to read.  She found the humor in it..and not two seconds later I had my new head rest.  Not only did I use it as the headrest I went as far as making me a bow tiesince I managed to snag a seat in 1A.  This hardly ever happens on a long flight flying non rev. Enjoy.

It’s official, Chris, you win the most brilliant laviator award for coming up with another way to use a maxi pad in flight while laviating!  I’m seriously impressed.    
This is my friend Claudette on her way from Córdoba, Argentina (LAN Airlines) to Lima, Peru, last month when she flew to visit her mom on her birthday.  She’s not that computer savvy, so she asked me to send this picture on her behalf.  I hope you can make some room for her picture in the Laviators Club!!  If you do, please let me know so I can check it online!!


Italked my friend who works in the cvg ramp tower with me  into taking a pix in the love from fra-cvg. Thought I would share. – Bennett





Hey!! I’m so happy I finally get to join the Laviators Club. That’s a picture from a Delta flight from JFK to Colombia. It was a really bumpy flight, out of like 10 pictures that’s the only one were I’m smiling, I was also tired because it was a red-eye flight but we arrive safe and sound. I’m so honor to be a member!!

Honored to have you!



Good morning Heather.  I would be honored to be added to the fine list of fellow laviators. This photo was taken enroute from Syr to jfk on jetblue.  Check out the enthusiasm.  I think someone should design a laviating tshirt.

Good evening Kevin.  I love your enthusiasm.  If there was an award for best tongue, you’d win, but I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea.  I, too, think someone should design a laviator T-shirt, which is why I have someone doing  just that as I type.  Let me know where to mail it.


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