Leave the Cracker Barrel out of it!

Dear Heather

Since when do you have Oklahoma City layovers? Heather, Heather, Heather……I’ve always envisioned you as A View From The Top, Transcon, 767, New York to LA Princess. It’s really hard for me to picture you on a Super80 Oklahoma city two-day.  What’s up with that?


PS Miss pageant girl sat in economy?

PSS Did your dress really rip because of that leap out of the crew van, I mean…. well, we ALL now know what you had for breakfast that day!

Dear Ron,

1. Oklahoma City – ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get the holidays off.
2. Miss Oklahoma  – Not only did she sit in coach, she had a middle seat!
3. The Skirt – It was the freakin leap, ok!
4.  I’m on a diet.
PS.  Thanks for the complex
PSS.  In about five minutes the complex will soon help itself to a handful of salty chips

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