How not to make friends with flight attendants

My name is Julia Ryan. I am 23 years old, Single, Caucasian, Heterosexual, Female, 5’11”, 105lbs , located in Baltimore, Maryland. Christian by religion. I’m a full time Student and I’m majoring in marketing and getting a minor in International financing. My body style is average weight.  I am physically active, I never smoke and drink. I am the only girl in the family of three children, am the second child. My father and mother are still alive. My father is 55 years old, why my mother is 48 My elder brother is 26 and younger brother is 20. Get in touch at (deleted the email address)

With Love,

Dear Julia,

Yeah…umm…here’s the deal Julia, I’m not really looking for any “friends”.   Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the offer, especially the detailed body description, because that, I guess, is important when you’re trying to make friends with someone you’ve never seen before.  And I’m glad to hear your parents are still alive, mine are too, and that you have two brothers – are they cute?  Oh and it’s really good that you don’t smoke because…well…you don’t want to start a fire or anything.  But as for the no drinking thing, sorry to hear that.   So anyway, back to what I was saying about being “friends”, though I’m not quite sure what you’re after, exactly, since I’m heterosexual as well – and married and have a kid and a cat and a car and a house and a mortgage …you sure you’re looking for me?  Look, here’s the deal, I’m a flight attendant.  Flight attendants don’t have a lot of friend-friends because we’re always coming and going and…well…that’s it really.  Thanks again for the offer.  I think. 




  1. I’m surprised she never came right out with the request for 50 bucks as she’s a ‘little short’ this week (although, maybe she’s waiting for a response so she can tell you all about that 10 million just sitting there in a Nigerian bank waiting for you to assist her in moving, heh…)

  2. She’s just trying to butter you up for buddy passes. That’s the first thing people always ask me for when they find out I’m a flight attendant.

    • Thomas – I’ll let her know you’re available for friendships, though I do believe she might want a detailed body description as well as the history of your family and maybe, as Noah suggested, a couple of buddy passes, and maybe even a little cash – so thinks Jeff.

  3. Someone that writes this kind of letter to an unknown person must have something wrong in her life.
    Maybe she feels alone, or maybe you are right and she only wants buddy passes, but… I think you have been unnecessary sarcastic and rough to her.
    You said you have a kid, could you imagine someone responding to him/her like you did to this girl?
    Being like this is not weird that you don´t have so much friends.

    Another flight attendant.

  4. 5’11”, and 105 lbs? Geez. Maybe she’s just looking for someone to hold her on the ground while she tries to walk out to a regional jet?

  5. What the hell is going on here? I stumbled upon this website and I’m seeing People wanting people who weigh 110lbs, sympathy for doing your job? I can understand a blow out with a flight attendent, or some server?but why couldn’t she just sit down and chill? And why didn’t she receive support from her work mates?Did everybody just stand around and see this happen? I know that flight attendents work hard and have to deal with all kinds of things, but did you ever hear of backing eachother up?

  6. Now that is funny!!

    She may not drink or smoke, but I bet there are some prescription meds in her daily routine.

    Thanks for the great information and funny stories.

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