Santa and the naughty flight attendant


I boarded the Super80 (Chicago crew) and a very senior looking flight attendant in the galley shouts GOOD MORNING!  It was 12:30 pm.  I smiled and said hi. Shortly after I get settled in 3E I hear her shriek SANTA! I glance up and see a large older gentlemen dressed in normal clothes sporting a big white beard. The flight attendant pulls him into the galley and in a rather boisterous voice says, “I’ve been a good little girl …” I couldn’t believe my ears.  It gets better.  He chuckles and says “How good?”  I looked around to make sure I actually was on a flight heading to Chicago and not on the set of some sleazy senior soft core porn project.  After the lunch service was over, the flight attendant tops off my wine and asks if I need anything else.  I thank her and reply no.  GOOD, she shouts, I’m gonna go sit on Santa’s Lap! She then runs back to economy. I couldn’t believe it!  On my flight back to Boston, I got to thinking about Santa and the flight attendant and wondered if maybe they were meant to be.  Maybe it was another “love on an airplane story” like yours? 



While I did meet my husband on an airplane, I am not crazy!  I am also not attracted to Santa.  Nor have I ever thrown myself at a bearded man in the galley.  But thank you for thinking of me when you came across the insanity in flight.  Preciate that!  Really. 




  1. This just made me laugh. I guess even Santa is being hit by the economy and has to disguise himself as one of us to travel (I’m sure it was him). Did anyone see a big red bag on that flight?

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