Fly Girls premiere doesn’t quite take off

I’m not going to write anything.  That’s what I told myself SEVERAL TIMES throughout the premiere episode of Fly Girls.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.  Well as soon as I woke up I had to remind myself of this again – don’t write anything.  It’s just…well…I can’t NOT write ANYTHING.  I have to say SOMETHING.  Right?  Especially when people keep asking what I thought.  So here goes. Let’s just say I’m pretty sure I feel the same way you do.   And what I worried would happen when I first heard about the docu drama is exactly what happened.  (Read about it  HERE.)  I mean…was it just me or did the entire episode feel like the beginning of a really bad porno?



  1. Yeah it did!!! But like most flight attendants at regular carriers my job is not that exciting, but I just had to watch it. Lol

    • I disagree…our lives are very exciting. You just don’t think so because you live it. Try writing about it. Or even talking about it to a non-flight attendant! That’s how you know just how exciting your life truly is. And I’m not talking about glamour…I’m talking interesting

  2. It was weird, but once I realized it was scripted reality, like The Hills, it made more sense. Most people find our jobs interesting enough without the embellishments though, so why not have a true reality show?

    I have a FLL turn today, had passengers on the way down asking if I had seen the show last night. I didn’t know how to respond without saying something mean, so I just said yes. If they pressed I would tell them it’s not the most accurate or realistic representation.

  3. Honestly right when first heard the girls speak I realized that it was “one of those ‘scripted’ reality shows”. I am an aspiring airline pilot, but I find the world of a flight attendant equaly as interesting, but boy is this show terrible! The brunet who moves in and causes scripted drama… UHG! This is the first airline based show that has been on in a while, so I truly was excited, and what a let down it was! From the girl who stole the other girls place on the fire truck, to the fake date, again (pardon the repetion)… UHG! Does anyone remember the days of “Airline” the Southwest Airlines series? Maybe “Flight Attendant School”? Both were great representation of an airline, but this show, could not be further from reality, I guess that’s what makes it a reality show (Lets just say it, most “reality shows” are fake anyways).

  4. first off – love your blog!!! i’m aspiring flight attendant from Greenville, NC and came across your blog somehow…loves it, loves it, loves it.

    second – i was a bit skeptic about this show too…but it was one of those guilty pleasures i’m willing to admit to watching. i will say that Virgin American has earned is way to my top three picks of airlines to fly for (Continental at #1, Delta/Northwest comes in at #2).

    • yeah virgin america is great, every one gets four potato chips and an extra 7 hours onboard their wonderful airplane….lol (SWA, AA, and CO for domestic.. Virgin, Emirates, and Cathay for international).

      As for fly girls gag me with a spoon, they want to do a real f/a show it should be well real show the 75 year grandma’s AA (and other airlnes have) or guys like me….the majority of women in this industry do NOT look like that….and hell the industry has plenty of males too….I just dont think they portray us right at all, we airheads, we dont think our world is glamerous (even if it is fun)….I dont want or like people assuming that is the postions and the (only) type of person whom occupies it

  5. I watched the last 2 episodes of the show, and since I was in the big couch in the living room, everyone in my house had to watch the show. The reviews were mixed. The boys said “they’re cute” whereas the girls all said “this show is stupid.”

    There are 3 girls and 2 boys in my household. I thought the show was a bit too scripted, a bit too fake, and just not realistic with some of the situations. I don’t think I’ll be watching it again. Maybe.

    • Ha ha – I’m taping the show but so far, after watching two episodes, I can’t bring myself to watch the others.

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