How I became a travel writer

THE BEACH REPORTER: Beach Books – Redondo Beach Author Delights in Life of Travel, by Annie Lubinsky….

Heather Poole’s life as a flight attendant has led her to many places, and one of them was a nude beach in the Netherlands.

“I met a guy on the airplane who invited me to the ‘naturist’ beach,” Poole said. (She chose to keep her bathing suit on.) The Redondo resident was used to Los Angeles beaches, where plenty of women had undergone plastic surgery. In the Netherlands, though, “all the women were real sizes,” Poole said. “It was the first time I felt normal.”

She wrote about her experience in an essay “An Ode to B-Cups,” which was included in “The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010: True Stories From Around the World.” More essays are forthcoming, as Poole will be publishing her first book in time for the 2011 summer season. Its working title is “Cruising Attitude: My Life at 30,000 Feet.”

“I tried to write a fiction book about a serial-killing flight attendant, but that was when chick lit was popular, and publishers wanted me to make it lighter and more fun,” Poole said. “Then, when I got pregnant with my son, my brain turned to mush, so I started to blog about juggling a professional career and family.”


In tracking the keywords that led readers to her blog, Poole noticed that most were airline- and travel-related. She updated the blog, moving the more personal entries elsewhere and narrowing her focus to travel….




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