Adorable satin eye mask (seen worn by New York City Housewife Bethenny Frankel)

Who’s your favorite New York City housewife?  Without a doubt mine is Bethenny Frankel.  She’s hilarious!  And  her whipsmart one liners; priceless.  So imagine my surprise when last year on a flight from New York to LA the woman with the long black shiny hair curled up in a coach seat wearing an adorable satin eye mask with long flirty lashes stitched across the front turned out to be her!  I didn’t actually know it was her until three hours into the flight when she approached me in the back galley, satin eye mask now on top of her head, to ask for a glass water. 

“Sure!”   I handed her a plastic cup. 

While she gulped it down, I just stared at her.  I may have even blinked.  Unable to speak, I remember thinking,  Oh my godit’s her, Bethenny Frankel!  She’s so pretty – even more so in real life.  Okay why is she sitting in coach?   I knew I couldn’t let an opportunity like this get away, so I took a deep breath and tried to think of something witty to say.  

“Would you like some more water?”  Silently she handed me the cup.

Eventually I got around to telling her how much I loved the show and how I couldn’t believe some of the stuff that had happened that first season.  

Rolling her eyes, she said, “Just wait, it gets worse.” 

Oh I had so many questions, but I never did get to ask because she turned to go back to her seat.  But then quickly she spun back around, looked me square in the eye and said,  “Did you buy my book?”

I gulped.  “Yes.”  

It was a lie.  But I wanted to buy the book.  I still do.  Naturally Thin is on my list.  Instead I wound up purchasing these adorable satin eye masks from Old Navy for just $3.50 yesterday – one for me and one for my mom – which of course reminds me of Bethenny and how I still need to get that book.  One of these days…    










Photo courtesy of The Real Housewives of New York City 


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