LAYOVER: Day trip to Brugge (Belgium)

Here’s a short video I made of our trip to Brugge yesterday. It was a gorgeous little city and I recommend anyone laying over in Brussels to go. It’s just a one hour train ride from Brussels Central Station. – Kevin Cox



    • I stayed in Leuven during my stay in Brussels last summer, 09. Yes, it is also a nice town to stay in. I loved how peaceful it was. And the Herge museum is there! I didn’t know that when I went there but as a Tin-Tin fan when I was a child, I was ecstatic to find that out once I got there!

  1. I went to Brugge last summer in 09. I loved the place! It’s such a lovely little town, with windmills! And they say it’s the Little Venice BUT much cleaner! Which is totally true.

  2. Hi Heather,

    I love reading your blog and when you posted on Brugge I thought I’d take it as a sign that I should tell you how much I enjoy reading about your flight attendant adventures.

    Did you by chance try the marzipan in Brugge? I hated it all my life and after trying it there I’ve become a believer. Ah, the magic of Brugge. Also, while it might seem like a tourist trap, I recommend the tour of the Brugge Zot beer brewery. Best beer ever!

    • One of my flight attendant friends created the video on his layover. I wasn’t there – sadly

  3. Great video. Really enjoyed the music and the short little bursts of the trip.

    Felt a lot like what a 24 hour European layover is really like. Fitting in as much as you can in a few short hours.

    I’m enjoying your tweets & blog – Thanks

  4. well, as a flemmish inhabitant I can also recommend you Ghent… Similar to Brugge, a little bigger city full of history, cultural events and nice places to visit.. It’s great you tried one of the best of the many sorts of beer we have here 😉
    hope you’ll get another chance to visit here..
    Take care!
    greetings from Belgium..

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