Hotel Slippers: A review of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel – Honolulu, Hawaii

Written by guest blogger Hotel Slippers

Resembling a lustrous pale pink pearl, encircled in a creamy-white shell, The Royal Hawaiian Hotel sits regally on the golden sands of Waikiki Beach.  The land, once the playground of Hawaiian Royalty, was the  summer palace of Queen Kaahumanu.  The 15-acre coconut grove parcel of land was purchased as a site for the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, where in 1925 Matson Navigation Company spent four million dollars to build the original main building, much to the disappointment of  local native Hawaiians.   The New York architectural firm of Warren and Wetmore, hired to design  the building, played a major role in the construction of the hotel.  The use of 9,000 gallons of paint, stain and lacquer were required in the largest building project of its time in the Pacific.

Known as “The Pink Palace”, the hotel opened its doors February 1, 1927, with 1,200 people attending a black-tie dinner.  Arthur Benaglia, the first manager, spent eighteen years at its helm establishing a reputation for excellent service.  Thus, with the hotel sitting on Royal land among coconut trees ( a symbol of wealth and power in old Hawaii),  it continues to host  Heads of State, Hollywood stars and visitors from all over the world to enjoy its legacy of outstanding service.

My entrance into the Spanish-Moorish designed palace  began with a beautiful orchid lei greeting (Kukui nut leis for men), bags whisked away and an escort to guide me up the wide stairway into the main lobby.  As I approached the check-in desk a staff member quickly, yet gently, pulled  my chair out as I took a seat and began the most pleasant check-in I have ever experienced…



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  1. This place will really bring you into a time warp, that’s for sure. If this place was built in the last decade you could have sworn Pepto Bismal was a sponsor lol…that pink is something else! Great location and the beaches just off the hotel are stunning!

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