Photo of the day: Luggage isn’t the only thing we lose….




Vemayca cosmetic bags are designed to be multi-functional. They can be used not only as make-up bags, but also as accessory bags to organize a long list of personal items.  Women love these travel bags to transport their electronics, pack delicate undergarments or carry hobby supplies.  Because of the unique removable Soft Pearl Liner, the uses are endless.  Used as a cosmetic bag, there is no need to spend time cleaning out bags with caked-on mascara or spilled nail polish.  Simply replace the Soft Pearl Liner and, in a snap, you are good to go.  It doesn’t matter if you are buying a gift for your superstar wife, mod grandmother, your fashionable teenage daughter, your picky sister or your mother who has everything, there is room in everyone’s life to be beautifully organized.

And the winner is…..RANDY! 

(Photo courtesy of Marie Valenzuela)

58 Replies to “Photo of the day: Luggage isn’t the only thing we lose….”

      1. YOU WIN! Send me your address and I’ll pass it along to Vemayaca. (Skydoll123 at yahoo dot com)

  1. You say i’ll fit in this?! (guy on rt) I don’t man, but if you do Im pushing you as fast as I can towards the cockpit!!

  2. They were pretty pissed, but rules are rules. The kid was over 21 inches long, so they couldn’t carry him on, we had to gate check him. They can pick him up at their destination at baggage carousel six.

  3. Oh where oh where can my baby be?
    The TSA took it away from me!
    He’s gone to Secondary so I got to be good
    So I can see my Baby when we leave this gate

  4. Uh, Joe…I just saw the pax who needs assistance getting to their seat. As they said in ‘Jaws’, I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

      1. Yeah, yeah. The “miracle” flights where you have all these wheelchairs going TO the aircraft and they magically walk off at the destination. All those empty wheelchairs on the jetway…

        Miami’s especially were known as “miracle” flights.

  5. Do people seriously not fold their strollers before boarding?!? How rude! They’re probably the SAME parents who later whine that the naughty airline damaged their stroller and they want compensation.

    Sorry but you need a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering to fold some of those darned things.

    Parents, please *fold your own strollers*. Make sure the baggage tag can be seen and wrap the thing in a bungee cord so that it *doesn’t* come open and get damaged en route. I managed to do this alone with three small children on 11 1/2 hour transatlantics. You can too!

    1. I bet that’s after the flight when the guys bring up the strollers. Something tells me they were trying to be nice and open them up for the parents

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