Another one bites the dust: Buh-Bye Continental Airlines


Hey Heather,  Did you hear about Continental Airlines?  We’re merging with United Airlines.  Today, Friday 10/01/10, our name will be changed.  We are now ex-cons! We are so sad for the death of our name. We are proud of who we are. Oh well sign of the time doll! Be safe. – Peace, Lisa

Dear Lisa, Sign of the times is right! And this is just the beginning. I imagine many of us will be experiencing something like this very soon, if we haven’t already. I’m not sure if it’s even possible, but here’s to hoping all these mergers go smoothly. –  Heather

** Attention Continental Flight attendants: Send me your flight attendant photos and I’ll post the best ones below**

4 Replies to “Another one bites the dust: Buh-Bye Continental Airlines”

  1. I’ve been in way too much denial about this, but today’s the day. “Welcome aboard United Airlines, operated by Continental Airlines.”

  2. I am so sad, for my FA friend and for all of us who travel to the Islands, especially with family there. I look for the best possible deals so we can visit as often as possible and during the holidays.The fairs are about to be astronomical now without the necessary competition.

  3. Hadn’t followed this bit of news since watching (in disgust) the congressional hearings on the TV back in June. Seems like the Justice Dept. thinks 2 entities is enough for them to say it’s not a monopoly (hmm, sort of like the 2 major parties.) So watch out airline industry!

  4. I flew United yesterday and the FA had no idea what type of changes to expect. He told me that the only way he knew what the hubs were was by reading ‘Hemispheres,’ United’s in-flight mag. They had a two-page spread in the October issue.

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