Hotel Review: Turtle Bay Resort – Hawaii

Written by guest blogger Ms Hotel Slippers

Perched on an edge of land jutting out toward the ocean, Turtle Bay Resort, built in 1973, brings to mind the distinct difference between the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan Honolulu and the unrestrained pristine beaches of the rocky North Shore.  Encompassing 880 undisturbed acres, the resort is a forty-five minute to one hour drive from Honolulu through the Dole Pineapple fields. 

 There are three accommodation options available at Turtle Bay.  The resort hotel, cottages and ocean view villas all offer a variety of appealing choices for varied tastes in accommodations. Looking for the least expensive option,  I selected the resort hotel, which sits high above the sea with scenic ocean-view rooms.  The cottages, placed along a strip of rocky coastline and  villas (studio,  three and four bedrooms), facing the sea and just steps away from a white sandy beach, were all perfect accommodations to enjoy gorgeous views, scenic Kawela Bay and the well cared for  resort property.

Behind the gated Turtle Bay entry, a circular drive led to the front of the hotel and open-air foyer.  The foyer led to an even larger lobby where the check-in desk faced a floor to ceiling glass wall running the length of the lobby.  Sweeping  picture-postcard views of the stunning beach and coastline set the stage for what I knew would be a wonderful three-day stay.



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