Gifts for flight attendants – and travelers!

A stun gun, Xanax, travel massager that glows in the dark, ten foot pole for not touching things with, these are just a few of the things my flight attendant friends want for Christmas. What, not your gift-giving style? Okay so perhaps one of these will do….

1. PASSPORT COVER In this day and age you might not want everyone knowing your country of origin. Not to mention it’s kind of fun dressing up the old passport that some of you should be very proud of based on the number of stamps inside. If you’re a passenger, check out the adorable covers at If you’re a flight attendant you’ll want to go with Modcloth’s Safety Misinformation Passport Wallet. (pictured)

2. BAG TAGS – All those crew bags lined up against the wall in flight operations look alike. Try making yours stand out and you won’t end up on a layover with clothes you’ve never seen before. One of the the funniest bag tags I’ve ever seen read “Baggage Handlers are Hot.” Ya know that bag made it to its final destination! Flight attendant Bailey loves Anne Taintor’s line of sassy, vintage bag tags. (And he’s going to kill me for sharing this with you.)

3. OVEN MITTS – The oven racks are hot, hot, hot! This is why so many flight attendants no longer have fingerprints. Because I’m always leaving mine behind on the plane, I can never own too many pairs of oven mitts. Flight attendant Eric is a fan of Grips. As for me, I like Fred’s Hot Head dog shaped insulating mitt.

4. MINI TRAVEL ROLLER SET – Looking good is important to flight attendants. Even though it’s not always easy when our layovers are only eight hours long and we’re scheduled to work ten to fourteen hours a day. Somehow flight attendant Joann always manages to look fabulous and I have a feeling it has something to do with her Conair mini roller set.

5. GREEN TRAVEL/REUSABLE TOTES – My friend Melanie can tell  domestic flight attendants from international ones by the bags they carry on their layovers – Harrods vs Trader Joe’s. For just $2.99 you can help them show off their travel style with this fun international tote from World Market. Or how about (sending me) a Loot Bag from Anya Hindmarch, creator of the “I’m not a plastic bag” bag.




  1. Hi Heather!

    I’m on my way to becoming a flight attendant myself (have lots and lots of applications standing out.. :)) , and I love reading your blog!

    I have a little question: I absolutely love the ‘Safety Misinformation’ passport cover you’ve described above. There’s just one little problem: I live in Amsterdam, and I don’t love the shipping cost (22dollars!) so much… Do you have any idea if I can buy a similar one in Europe somewhere? Thanks in advance for your reply!

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