Photo of the day: Okay….let’s try CNTL + ALT + DEL, thought the pilot seconds before the aircraft was taken out of service. But not without first turning around to make sure no one was looking!












Photo courtesy of Darren Schank

Caption courtesy of  Doc737

I had a hard time choosing the best caption, I really did.  Here are a few other favorites…

BOO:  Wonder if it’s okay to ask for coffee?

ROGER: I knew I should have made that left turn over Albuquerque

BIGSKYMOM74: Now is probably not a good time to tell them I’m not really a pilot

IAN: Hmmm…do they taxi to the right or to the left in England?

TOM: Crap, what was her name again?!



    • Hilarious, You really do have a gift for creating captions! (Minimusdotbiz won the last two caption “contests”)

  1. I’m sure I had the damn keys when I left the house, now I can’t find them. Lucky we ‘re in Newark, one of the passengers will be able to hot wire this baby for us.

  2. “I really need to make sure the PA mic is off when I call my girlfriend before takeoff, especially when my “other girlfriend” is working the flight.”

  3. “Sh** Where are my sunglasses? Did I leave them at the hotel? Let me think.” Pilots are like us normal people, they forget they are on top of their heads and still look everywhere for them!

  4. Flight deck display: “The trial version of Boeing’s 767 flight deck software has expired, please enter your credit card number to purchase the full version for $75,000” Pilot: “umm..”

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