Hotel Slippers: Review of the Terranea Resort

Written by guest blogger Hotel Slippers

Longing for a quick California getaway and having heard about the beautiful scenery with  outdoor fire pits located throughout the property,  I  knew Terranea would be a good choice.   On the property, the first thing I noticed besides the Mediterranean style of the main building,  and the fact that I was actually not on a work layover, was the low-key, subdued  look of the hotel entrance.  A Spanish style fountain  in front of the hotel circular drive complimented the tasteful exterior of the simple, yet dramatic architecture.                                             

 The hotel foyer is decorated with a large round  table adorned with a colorful floral centerpiece.  Glancing over my shoulder, I noticed  a  larger room  filled  with comfortable sofas, chairs and a magnificent stone fireplace, lit with  orange flames flickering in the hearth.  Since the day was cool and a little damp, the room  looked relaxing and  inviting. I loved the warmth of the fire, brightly colored rugs and classic decor.                                       

Check in, thankfully, was quick, and I was surprised with an upgrade to an ocean view room, along with directions regarding the layout of the property, pools,  and restaurants.  Following  the sea green, cream-colored carpet down the  hallway to my room, I  slipped my key into the slot with the anticipation of finally getting  a look at my accommodations for the evening.  Not at all disappointed, I walked across the room toward a  small balcony,  stepped out and took a look around. It was delightful  not only  to see the ocean,  but to hear sounds of waves crashing against the rocky coastline. If you are visiting on a warmer evening, you might want to open the balcony sliding door in order to savour the sounds of the ocean before drifting off to sleep.


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