Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 feet

Here it is, my book cover artwork!  What do you think? 

The book is scheduled to be released November 8 2011.  What’s funny is I haven’t even finished editing it and it’s already on sale!  Pre-order a copy on



  1. Nice cover, but it seems to represent something that is not. FAs don’t looklike that except when marching to and from the plane for that all-important Terminal March. Why? I have not seen the book yet, but I sincerely hope that it it is a bit more than another hundred or so pages of bitching about passengers. Yup! Today’s PAX are a pain in the ass. We don’t need any molre reminders. If the book is somehow different, we’ll hear so in due time. As for an advance purchase, anticipating November publication, April Fool’s Day was a week ago. Paaaleeease… We’ll see once it is out. -C.
    Of note: THe blog wouldbe more fun if it had real content, not long dry periods, spiked with promos for your book. Best wishes.

  2. Cedarglen, The book is about being a flight attendant and there is more to being a flight attendant than just bitching about passengers. It’s unlike any other flight attendant book as it takes you on a journey, from training to 9/11. The reason flight attendants don’t always look like the flight attendant on the cover is because 1. We work. 2. We age. Like regular passengers. Even passengers don’t look the way they did when they first boarded a flight when the flight lands. As for buying a copy, I don’t really expect that anyone would. I was just shocked to see it being sold on Amazon. It’s an exciting time for me. Oh and the reason the blog has its dry spots is because it’s crunch time. As I mentioned I’m STILL writing the book and that right now that is more important than blogging. When I’m finally finished it will be back to blogging. Maybe next month.

  3. Heather, I love it! I think it will be a tremendous success. I’ve so enjoyed the excerpts that you’ve provided here on your site. I’ll definitely be buying a copy. Good luck and keep up the great work. This is an exciting time for you! Don’t let the empty comments of others ruin YOUR time.

    Enjoy, you deserve it!

    Sincerely, Lou

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