Flight attendant shoes: Kelly & Katie Whitney flat – black

(UPDATE 8/29/2012 : I’m still wearing these shoes, and I STILL like them a lot.  I even mention them in this New York Times article: Best Shoes for Travel? Ask a Flight Attendant)

Oh sure they might look a little like Pilgrim shoes.  And yeah, that big silver buckle might not be regulation.  But these Kelly & Katie black flats are by far THE MOST comfortable in-flight shoes I’ve ever worn, and I tested them working four back to back New York – Miami turns, followed by a two-day New York – Los Angeles trip.  I love em!   So much so I could have cared less if a pilot called them birth control shoes.  (More like jerk control shoes)  Right now they’re only $29.95 at DSW.

Commuting home after six days of flying

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  1. Those are cute! That pilot can go fly a plane and leave the fashion decisions to other people with better taste. 🙂

  2. Those shoes are hideous! I’m all for comfort since I started working at an airline, but these.. 😛

    1. I think “hideous” is too strong a descriptive! They may not be runway shoes, but they sure are jetway shoes!

  3. The heel doesn’t bother you? Mine had to be FLAT to be comfortable. Any heel and my feet would have hated me!

  4. Those shoes are actually quite cute and if they are comfortable, I don’t care if they look like “man” shoes as my husband calls a pair I once had. Of course, I just found a pair of Naturalizers in the Flight Store in CVG that are to die for. I see flight attendants walking through the airport that look like they should be in the strip club, not a uniform, so you go for it girl! They are flat, cute and respectable!

  5. “Birth control shoes” …??? I think I know what he’s suggesting, and as a guy, I COULDNT DISAGREE MORE!! I think they are very pretty and quite sexy actually. I wish all flight attendants wore pretty flats like this.

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