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My roommate Grace had her moment of a lifetime when Howard Stern called the house. Grace had an obsession with Howard that only got worse after she had him on a flight. Each morning she’d attempt to call his radio show, tying up the house phone for hours listening to a busy tone only to redial again. Then one day she finally got through and…CHAPTER 10 / Freaks in the sky

Jane took a deep breath. “Yakov can’t decide who to ask out –you or your mother.” I froze midzip. It was bad enough that I’d had to pretend to be Yakov’s wife in an emergency code enforcement situation, but to think he actually believed he had a shot was disturbing to say the least. On top of that he couldn’t decide who he liked more, me or the woman who bore me… CHAPTER 10 / Freaks in the sky

I’d NEVER date a pilot. They’re way too geeky!” said one of my favorite pilots, right after I mentioned I had dated one back before I’d become a flight attendant. Then, with a mischievous grin, he added, “But I’ve dated flight attendants from every single airline.” I did not doubt it for a second. CHAPTER 12 / Why I want to say no when the answer is yes, yes, yes!


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