Wanna know how I feel about “gays, grannies, grandes” & the ranting Southwest pilot? My interview with CNN…


  1. Excellent! Good job!! You brought up some good points I didn’t even think of.

    One time I was in First Class and I had this fellow F/A going on about all the precautions he takes in hotel rooms to avoid getting AIDS from our gay coworkers. I was so in shock I didn’t really know what I could say as a retort. I kick myself now but I was new and he was much more senior.

    Now you’ve figured out how a newbie got First Class! Obviously, he had a reputation among our coworkers…

      • Thanks Sharon. That means a lot coming from you, a fellow flight attendant. As you stated, there’s a bad apple in every bunch – flight attendants, pilots, and even passengers. 😉

  2. Great comment except are you a flight attendant at SWA? There is no Heather Poole on the flight attendant seniority list? So if your not that would not be cool…..

    • While I don’t talk about who I work for, I am not a flight attendant for Southwest. Anyone who follows my blog or twitter feed knows that. But since I discuss my life as a flight attendant, setting airline politics aside, it shouldn’t matter who I work for. I am a flight attendant and CNN wanted to speak with a flight attendant. That’s all. We were discussing his behavior and they wanted to know what I, as a flight attendant (NOT A SWA FA) and TRAVEL BLOGGER, thought about it.

      • WN F/A’s would not be allowed to comment on this incident, if their rules at all resemble those elsewhere in the industry (both my airlines did not allow us to talk to the press). Also, a WN F/A might know the pilot personally, which would throw their own views and experience with this pilot into the pot. They wanted to know what F/A’s think, not what those who know him do.

        Heather was just doing the general F/A sentiment interview, which quite frankly, it pretty much the same across the entire Flight Attendant community. There might be some who defend him but most of us feel just the way Heather expressed, no matter who we work or worked for.

  3. Wow! So that is interesting but not cool. I am somewhat shocked cuz you came across as a SWA FA? If you worked for a major you would know your union takes care of the speaking end. I would never talk about another carrier or act like it. So I have to question that your a FA at all?

    • She never said anything about what airline she worked for. She responded to questions that were asked of her “as a flight attendant”. She was not responding on behalf of the airline she works for or SWA. So there is nothing “not cool” about what she did.

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