1. That was entertaining to watch, Heather. Would you please enlighten me about the frequent “how did you get this trip?” question? Are there different ways for flight attendants to “get this trip”?

  2. Heather, that is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen..thanks for the laughs. I totally get the “how did you get this trip”-In EWR it’s a 10 hr turn, or NTA it’s a NRT, I especially like the look up and down. I love it,, make more videos!!

  3. How hysterical and so true! From one fa to another we can all relate thanks for putting it out there. By the way Heather how did you get this trip again?

    • Refers to the pilots asking to come out of the cockpit to use the bathroom. It is always when we are right in the middle of, or at a crucial part of, our service.

  4. I’m literally crying right now. So funny and right on the money. “How did you get THIS trip?” has to be the best! Those territorial old senior f/a’s!

  5. Looks exactly like the Bimbo that FAs no longer want to be known as. Since the posts are infrequent and contain little beyond complaints about customers, I’m deleting from my list. Junk.

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