20 travel tips from a travel expert – AKA a flight attendant (That’s me!)

Traveling soon? Here are a few tips…

1. Always bring a sweater / hoodie on the plane.  Airplanes are like movie theaters. They’re freezing!

2. Airplane mode is not off! Bring a magazine to read during takeoff and landing! I’m talking to you Kindle people!

3. Wear running shoes in case you have to run from the airport bar to the gate. Flips flops and heels will only slow you down

4.  Remember you can bring food through security. Bring leftovers! Share with the crew! More water / wine for you!

5.  The airplane is the perfect place to let kids watch movies & play video games THE ENTIRE flight. Just bring headphones

6.  Ladies: leave the jewelry in your carry-on bag. Put it on AFTER you go through security. Do the same with your belt

7.  Let it go! You can’t control delays and getting all stressed out about it will only ruin your trip.

8.  Buy water! We never have enough on board for everyone. You’ll be glad you have it if your flight diverts. IT HAPPENS!

9.  Eat something! Even if you’re not hungry. Calories don’t count at the airport. Plus you never know when you’re going to eat again.

10.  A long line of frequent fliers (think single passengers holding computers) will go 10 X’s faster than a line with a family with a new baby in it!




  1. 4. Remember you can bring food through security. Bring leftovers! Share with the crew! More water / wine for you!

    The crew, including pilots are allowed to accept someones food they brought aboard?????
    Seems like that would be an easy target for a terrorist …cookies with a delayed poison given to the pilots, you could easily take the plane down with that approach. Is that really allowed?

  2. 11. Airlines do NOT hold planes for connecting passengers. Unless there are 20 of you going to same place. Get to know your neighbors

    I wish that there were a placard that stated this! Passengers become grumpy when I explain that holding a plane for one person (or a handful of people) can delay hundreds of on-time passengers.

  3. I don’t understand #12…why would you need to do anything other than a show a boarding pass to prove you were on a plane? or why not just take a picture of yourself sitting there? recording the sound of the bin shutting would be the last thing i’d think of doing if someone needed proof of where I was.


  4. Thanks for the tips 🙂 I always look for the frequent flyers lines. So much quicker than the lines made up of families etc. Why however do electronics have “airline mode” if it is then still not acceptable to use on a plane? I thought that was the point in it? It is hard to believe that a multi million pound plane could be brought down by my e-reader?


  5. Hi,
    love your blog I just discovered today.

    My wife and I made six flights this year with our little infant boy.
    #10 is absolutely true. Even though eventually we were quite experienced with the procedures always took way longer to pass security than regular passengers.
    Pro tip: Carry baby food jars in a way that you can easily access them for inspection.

    Twice it happend that we were allowed to bypass the line and use the much shorter crew/pilots/special passengers line.

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