Travel Gear Review: Scottevest (women’s trench coat and Chloe hoodie)

Scottevest trench coat

I’d like to start by telling you how I swore I’d never – EVER – wear Scottevest.  And how I made fun of those who were wearing what was being marketed as a third piece of wearable luggage in order to get more crap on the plane.  But then you might disappear before getting to the bottom of this post and learning how much I love, love, LOVE Scottevest!  My favorite pieces are the women’s trench coat and the Chloe hoodie. (The Husband feels the same way about his men’s ultimate fleece hoodie.) That’s me in the photo on the beach. Nice, right?

Now let’s back up for a moment.

Months ago when Scott Jordan, CEO of Scottevest, contacted me about sampling his product, I flat out told him no.  For one I don’t do vests.  Nor do I wear luggage.  Or even like people who would actually consider disguising a carry on bag as clothing.  I’m a flight attendant for Christ sakes! The last thing I want to do is endorse something that makes my job more difficult. Like I really want to waste my time arguing with passengers about why I have to check their, umm….”coat.”  Just because that’s what they’re calling it these days.  Puh-lease!

But then I saw something strange on television.  I was at the gym working out on the elliptical machine when I noticed a Today Show host wearing a cute black jacket.  Turned out to be the Scottevest Chloe jacket. Imagine my surprise to see it wasn’t actually vest.  Nor did it resemble anything I’d call luggage.  What it was was something I could actually picture myself wearing on the beach, or packing in my bag to use on a layover in case it got cold.  So I did what anyone else wouldn’t do after publicly making fun of a product multiple times online.  I tweeted that I thought it looked cute.

Honestly I still can’t believe Scott actually offered to send me a free jacket after I acted the way I did.  Which is how I came to eat my words.  Now all I do is go on and on about how great Scottevest is. If the passenger seated beside me on my flight from Orlando to New York doesn’t buy one, I’ll be surprised. I even wore the trench coat during an interview with 20/20 that’s set to air on March 16 (set your DVRs).  While all the pockets are great, what I love is the style. My how things can change…

Chloe jacket

DISCLOSURE: Heather Poole was not paid to write this post

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