PHOTO OF THE DAY: The passenger wanted to play hide and seek. The flight attendants were determined not to find him.

Photo courtesy of Henry Lin

It was a tough call.  That’s why I’m choosing THREE!

FIRST PLACE:  @IanHMoore “Jimmy was determined to win at least ONE game of hide and seek, and the flight attendants were determined to do their best not to find him”

SECOND PLACE: McCool Travel: “Hey, Dude, Check out my Downward Facing Log”

THIRD PLACE:  Gille Pickard:  “All he wanted was another bag of peanuts…”


  1. After the flight locks failed to engage at 70kts, it took Mighty Resolve to prevent the door from doing that “inward”, “upward” and “forward” thing. #newsuperheroalert Rare sighting of MG = Mighty Resolve.

  2. Two positions that have had positive effects on relieving stomach cramps associated with eating three chees pasta….

  3. Next on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, a one armed man chases mice through the galley of a 777. So as not to startle the wild mice, which can become violent and attack, the Flight Attendants have gone through extensive training to sit in a crouched position and not make any sudden moves until the mouse is captured.

  4. He was fully dedicated to finding his wife’s wedding ring, no matter where the search would lead.

  5. Airline employees give their last full measure of devotion to passenger welfare. Now serving in the first class cabin: filet of sole ala black shoe polish.

  6. Wayne waits to be gate-checked into the cargo hold after he finds he doesn’t actually fit into the overhead bin or under the seat.

  7. If your impressed with how life like the new auto mechanic looks just wait and see what happens after I plug him in.

  8. Borrowing from the Navy’s playbook, an FA prepares the training dummy for the airline’s inaugural man over board drill.

    • FYI, in the Navy the man-overboard dummy is named Oscar, after the flag that is raised to signal the situation to other ships.

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