Ladies and gentleman, we have just reached our Cruising Attitude – for real!

This is by far my favorite photo in the Cruising Attitude World Book Tour Series.  Not just because my book is cruising along at 30,000 feet in the cockpit (zoom in and check out the altitude), but because the pilot in the left seat with four stripes on his epaulettes – the sign he’s a captain! – is an ex colleague from my former airline, Sun Jet International Airlines.  I haven’t seen him in years, like 17 to be exact, so imagine how excited I was to receive this!   What’s interesting about this particular captain is he once worked as a flight attendant for Hawaiian Airlines before becoming a pilot for Sun Jet International Airlines before going back to Hawaiian Airlines where he’s been working ever since! If you ever see him on a flight, make sure to say, “Aloha, Captain D!”  And  let him know he can always be Heather #2’s  Go-To-Pilot #2.

Just for old times’ sake…



  1. How fun! I’m reading your book right now and LOVING it. I’m heading to Seattle in August to start my Flight Attendant training! Wish me luck!

    • GOOD LUCK, Maggie! You’ll do great. Once “on the line”, give it at least 3 months before making any drastic decisions. This is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. It takes time to adjust.

  2. Haha your book sounds fascinating. I’ll have to get it and get you a nice pic at Cruise altitude in my Airbus (and I’ll even throw in my 4 stripes, lol!)
    Eric (capnaux)

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