Cruising Attitude: If the book was a movie and the movie had a soundtrack…

This is what it would sound like…

Shiny Toy Guns: Le Disko (Frequent Flier Dream Sequence)

Jem: They (Chapter 1: Plane Crazy)

The Ting Tings: That’s not my Name (Chapter 4: Welcome to New York)

 Cake: Never there (Chapter 6: Unhappy Holidays)

Kate Nash: Merry Happy (Chapter 8: Love is in the air.  Sort of)

Dave Mathews: Dancing Nancies (Chapter 10:  Flying Freak Show)

Franz Ferdinand: Take me out (Chapter 12: Marry Me, Fly Free!)

Poe: Not A Virgin (Chapter 13: Turbulence)


One comment

  1. Found your blog through a link to mine. Cool songs! Esp. “Never There”–I can relate, lol! And thanks for turning me on to the Ting Tings. Never heard them b4! Good luck in the friendly skies 😉
    Eric (capnaux)

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