Letter from a pilot

This is NOT Dave. (Photo courtesy of Caribb)

I love this letter.  I really do.  Not just because it’s from someone who works in the airline industry – although these are always my favorite! – but because it’s from a man, who happens to be a pilot, who decided to give a book about flight attendants a shot, and liked it!  This after reading the chapter about pilots, chapter 13, I think: Dating Pilots (Why I want to say no when the answer is yes, yes, yes!)

Hi there. I saw you on TV about a month ago and thought “why should I buy her book of sensational, inaccurate airline information?” (I fly for one of the other big airlines) so I checked it out of the library and read it. I have only one thing to say – GREAT JOB! I loved it. Great writing, and totally accurate information. Now I plan to buy a few copies and give them to my friends. You know what that means, for a cheap pilot (I guess I wasted at least one word there) to spring for a book. I look forward to your next book. – Dave

PS:  Just in case you never heard the classic flight attendant / pilot joke – “Do you know what a pilot’s primary form of birth control is? Answer: their personality. “Do you know what their back up is?” Answer: their layover clothes.

Think this is what may have given Dave the wrong impression about my book...

Or maybe it was this…

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  1. There’s the flip side to all of this … a little touchy: flight attendants having a bad day. It seems like in the year or two, every flight attendant on my favorite airline is having a bad day. Right up front: airline work is the hardest work I know, only very special people can do it, and even then, it’s hard. Can you describe FAs having a bad day … what that looks like … and what happens next??

      1. I’m the boss here and I say letter from a pilot, because it is a letter…with a video underneath.

    1. I think it’s more like, What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas. It ends up on the internet.

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