Photo of the day: It was the only place on the plane Sally felt comfortable reading “50 shades of Grey”













Photo courtesy of Henry Lin

Caption courtesy of @IanHMoore


  1. “I’m sorry your luggage has to fit all the way under the seat or it must go in the overhead bin. We must keep the aisle clear in case of an emergency.”

  2. In what some airlines are calling First-.5, first class passengers are finally able to bring their nanny with them in the first class cabin for only a small additional fee.

    1. Seriously, you might be on to something. And soon the airlines will be charging extra for the floor. HA!

  3. That obnoxious guy behind me really deserves to have his shoelaces tied together … he messed with the wrong passenger!

  4. Sandy secretly wants to be a flight attendant … on a plane, there’s only one place where no one can catch her reading Cruising Attitude.

  5. “Sally was secure in the knowledge that now there was no way the Flight Attendant could tell that her phone was only in ‘Airplane Mode’ and not completely powered off”.

  6. This pic and the story about you on WDSU TV in New Orleans made me wanna follow your blog ( and get your book!). Look forward to reading and seeing these stories about life Up in the Air !

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