Photo of the day: Airlines are now offering first class passengers a new personalized alternative to in-flight closed captioning.

Photo courtesy of Abdul Afia / @UAL4Life

Caption courtesy of FarrChi


  1. Finally, United’s new inflight manicure service arrives! If this works out, we’ll next see inflight massage. Eat your heart out, American!

  2. In the never ending battle for more fees, airlines introduce lap dances for customers for just $29.99 if you keep your hands behind the seat, or for $49.99 you can let your fingers do the walking.

  3. “… for those hearing impaired passengers travelling with us today, we offer our new, personalized alternative to in-flight closed captioning.”

      1. Thanks for the honor! You’ve given me hope that one day, those guys at the New Yorker will do the same!
        No, I don’t yet have a twitter name or website; thx, though.

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