Skymall introduces self-imposed restraint hoodies for kids – on the airplane.


Have fun AND restrain little ones from banging on the tray table with this King Cobra Hoodie from Skymall! ($39.95-$41.95)  It’s a little pricey, I know, but kids will love it.  Mine does!  Just ignore that hissing sound coming from the row behind you.  Sorry I can’t tell you where to find the matching straight? pants, but these faux tool lounge pants ($19.99) are kind of…cool?  Okay fine, they’re not!  But I’m obsessed.

For my bargain shoppers – AMAZON:  King Cobra Hoodie ($24.99-$29.99


One comment

  1. Heather, I found an old sky mall magazine (in the bathroom just sayin) and saw the king cobra hoodie!!!! Did ya notice they had adult sizws too? You restrain Big Ones from banging on the tray table too. Might even work for the call bell!

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