Bad passengers, best pick up lines, my last flight…

20130223-085718.jpgThis interview originally appeared on Societe Perrier

What led to your foray as a flight attendant? Was it always the plan or was there a moment that led to the leap?

My mother always wanted to be a flight attendant. Whenever anything went wrong in my life, she’d suggest I apply to Southwest. That only made me not want to work for an airline. But when a job promotion didn’t lead to a raise, I decided to apply. I figured I’d do it for a little while. I thought as I travel the world and meet new people, I’ll interview for other jobs, the kind that people have respect for, maybe something in sales or marketing. Eighteen years later I’m still flying. And happy to be doing so!

What is the biggest misconception that people think about flight attendants?

That we’re not college educated. We make a lot of money. While you don’t need a college degree to get the job, competition is fierce and only the most qualified are hired. I’ve worked with flight attendants who are also doctors and lawyers. And trust me no one takes this job for the money. What money!?!

What is a telltale sign that you got a hell on wheels passenger in flight?

When they board the flight complaining. How am I supposed to respond to a passenger that looks me in the eye and says, “This airline sucks!”

Last night a woman came on board miffed, because she had to check her third bag. Then the flight was delayed because she didn’t think the business class bathroom was clean enough. After we had the cleaners come in to take care of it, she informed us she’d only be using the first class bathroom. It just went on and on.

Worst pick up line in-flight?

You fly this route often?


A smile. More wine and water for them!

Porn in flight? I saw your post on that the other day. Can you share your thoughts and the latest update on that status with our readers.

Passengers cannot read porn in flight. Most people realize they’re in a public space. But those who don’t follow the rules actually get mad at us for embarrassing them when we politely ask them to put it away.



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