I’m a Cosmo Girl!


Bust out your magnifying lens and you might see my name on page 129 of the July issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Yep, that’s right, I’m a Cosmo Girl now.  Well kind of.  I offered a few travel tips.  1, 2, 4 & 5 are mine.


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  1. I’m too “green” to leave the lights and T.V. on but I used to put on the radio. Also, some hotels you need to use your key card to turn on the electricity. I noticed though that some still let you run the T.V. without it. Also, you can override the system by putting, not a credit card, but dig around for some store card that’s not worth anything to anyone else. Any card the right shape will work.

    In older hotels with keys with numbers, I turn those into the desk. No need to lose that while out and about. I keep key cards, +without+ the room number, with me but not old fashioned keys. Be sure to throw away the cardboard and just carry the key card.

    Not sure if this is industry-wide but we had more problems with hotels, even deaths, with my two airlines than with any on board incidents.

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