Hometown: Born and raised in Ocala, FL. Now I live in Agoura Hills, CA

Base: LAX-Domestic

Hours flown this month? 111

Last flight? A 3 day S80 to El Paso, Chicago, NY, Dallas back to LAX and oh yeah we were reassigned 3 times. All of this was worth only 15 hours.

Galley or Aisle? Galley

First class, business class, or coach? F/C only. What can I say I don’t go past the no longer existing curtain unless I want to help or socialize.

Widebody or Narrowbody? WB, but I am starting to like the S80. I feel like I’m playing flight attendant.

Favorite airplane? 767-200
Regular Route? LAX-JFK

Dream Trip? It’s traditional, but I love Italy, but I will be happy with any long layover that I can take a friend or family member with me. It’s so much fun to bring someone on your trip and experience a city together. It’s more like vacation and not work.
Nightmare Trip? Anything with No Sleep. I can’t do 10 hours or less layovers.
What exactly is in your roller-board? An electrical fan, because I am hot blooded and you never know how the hotel A/C will be and as I mentioned before, I need my sleep. Then the basics..makeup, something to sleep in.
And the tote bag? Everything..a book, magazine, more makeup, medicine, batteries and any food that doesn’t fit into my lunch tote.

Any packing tips/tricks? Only bring what you need. 1 pair of jeans and a long and short sleeve shirt. I also have a travel candle to make my room smell like home.

Favorite brand of pantyhose? Leggs Shapers Tights (any drug store)

Best brand/type of in-flight shoes? I succumbed to the Dansko clogs after swearing that I never wear those ugly shoes. Then I tried them on. The rest is history.

What brand/type of shoes do you wear through the terminal? Dansko Mary Jane heals.

Any airport routines? It used to be finding a Starbucks, but I am trying to ween off.

Nicest Airport? LAX, it’s small and simple.

Worst Airport? Detroit has nothing. If you get stuck there..too bad. The Starbucks is the worst and all they have is a Quizno’s. No good.

Favorite Airport restaurant? La Carretta – Miami.

Any traveling snacks? I bring the kitchen sink. I always have PB&J, cheese and crackers, oatmeal, granola bars, cereal…find me if you’re hungry..I always have food.

Hotel away from home? NY JFK hotels.

Best layover city? I love Miami, because we stay on the beach at a crew only hotel.

Favorite in-flight announcement? “Flight Attendants prepare for landing”

Book / Magazine last read on the jumpseat? Slash’s autobiography.

Most annoying passenger question? It’s a toss up “Why can’t I use this bathroom” even though I didn’t pay for this cabin. Why anything, just do as we say :). “Will I make my connection”, “What time do we land” and “Do you pay for your hotel?”

Ever hook up with a pilot? No.

How about a passenger? Yes, I’ve had some of my best dates through passengers that I’ve met on the airplane.

Finish the following sentences:

I can’t fly without my… boring I know, but my cell phone. I can substitute everything else

On my last flight… I had 10 unaccompanied minors. One even destroyed the bathroom with the soap dispenser.

Once I had a passenger…. try and knock over my cart out of anger, because his only choice was the cereal.

Once a flight attendant… with 35 years seniority asked me where we keep the light bulbs for the reading lights! Hello!!! I guess we keep them in the imaginary closet that we hide the extra omelets in.

I can’t stand when the pilots… first words are “We are scheduled for a meal on this flight.” How about “How are you. My name’s Captain Joe” would be nice.

If I could be anywhere in the world… I’d … be on the Capri Islands.

When it comes to traveling, I wish… Flights weren’t so full, people would be more comfortable and nicer

Why do passengers? Not come prepared. They wear tank tops and shorts and complain that we have no blankets. They don’t listen to the agents when they explain “there is no food on this flight” Then they acted shocked onboard when we have no food!

Any advice for travelers? Be prepared. Always have a sweater, food and reading material or an MP3 player. Oh yeah, being genuinely friendly to us goes a long way.


  1. AMEN ! ! ! ! !!!!!

    (to your Q & A)

    My most annoying question:
    Do you have any free Buddy Passes!?!

  2. Hello, my name is first officer Bob.

    Nice to meet you too.

    Do we have meals on this flight?

    We do?

    Oh good!

    Do you need anything now?

    Did you have time time to eat during between you last flight?

    Can I make a Starbucks run for you or the other FAs?

    Crew meals? Thanks! Whenever it is convenient for you.

    Coffee?……Why yes please….thanks for offering……no cream or sugar………..I’ll drink it like a man.

    Time enroute? Smooth flight?

    I’m not sure….

    In fact……….well, look………I am not really a good pilot. They only .hired me for my good looks. And as you can see, they didn’t spend much money either. But I’ll try my best.



  3. I know things have really changed but about 10 years ago, extra light bulbs for the overhead lights could be found in the cockpit. I’ve changed a few in my time and it was very easy!!
    I’m sure they aren’t available any more like everything else….next thing you know, the flight attendant will be removed and passengers will be responsible for getting out in an emergency. Everything else will be automated. Want a drink…check out the line at the vending machine!!!!!

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