Good Passengers

I know I write a lot about crazy passengers. In fact, I actually get excited when I encounter crazy on the plane. That’s because, as a writer, crazy is just so much more interesting and exciting than not crazy. You’ve got to have conflict and drama in every post, which is why I concentrate my posts around crazy, and why I’m always on the lookout for crazy. When you look for crazy, nine times out of ten you’ll find him. Or her. But it’s the not crazy passenger I like best. Good passengers are my favorite passengers. What makes a good passenger? A passenger that is nice and polite, that’s a good passenger. A passenger that smiles and says please and thank you, now that’s a good passenger. A passenger that has something to say other than a complaint is my kind of passenger, a good passenger. There are good passengers everywhere, on all my flights, and here are a few I met flying from San Diego to New York two weeks ago, that I meant to share with you last week. What can I say, I’ve been busy, busy not flying.

GENO – You remember Geno, don’t you? He was a passenger of the month a few months back for a very good reason. Geno is nice. Geno is so nice, in fact, he was given permission to cross the sacred line, the line that separates passengers from flight attendants, the line that no flight attendant wants you to cross, and when you do cross it, they are counting the seconds until you uncross it. I mean cross back. You know you’ve crossed the line when you find yourself standing on the linoleum galley floor. Apparently, Geno finds himself on the linoleum floor on all his flights, which says a lot about Geno. He’s nice. And that makes him a good passenger. Which is why it was so nice to see him again.

DANIEL – Meet Daniel, the July passenger of the month. (Daniel, answer the questions I emailed you so I can post them already!) Daniel is a good passenger because Daniel knows how to travel, and the reason he knows how to travel is because he’s been traveling every month since he was 3 months old! Now that he’s ten years-old, he’s probably traveled to more places than you, on more airlines than you can count. Which isn’t all that surprising considering just about every member of his family works for an airline.

G (of TUNI & G) – G caught my eye during the beverage service, not because she was strikingly beautiful, though she is, but because she was holding up an adorable baby onesie. Not only is G super creative, designing some of the cutest clothes for kids I’ve ever seen, she’s also so gosh darn nice! And pretty. And fun. And nice. Did I mention nice? So if you’re looking to buy a baby gift, and you’re looking for something special, yet different and unique, check out her line of mommy and me clothing for kids (and moms), which the celebrities have already fallen in love with. I want the My Mommy Rocks T-shirt that goes with the My Baby Rolls T-shirt. Didn’t I tell you she had cute stuff!


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  1. I think on my first flight I’ll ask flight attendants to give me their signature, like stars do. For me, you, flight attendants are my stars. Of course I’ll congratulate them and make pictures, I don’t know why, but I fell that they are special people, so you’re too! 🙂

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