Laviators: #24, 25 & 26


Here is a photo I took of myself in the lav on an LAN flight from Juliaca, Peru to Lima, Peru on June 17th.   In retrospect, I would’ve taken a photo of myself in the mirror but, hey, these are my first airplane lav photos – I’m new at this!  I would consider it an honor and a privilege to be included in the Laviators Club!  I was in Peru on vacation – if you haven’t seen Machu Picchu, put it on your list! Happy Flying! – Charlie 3487968285_58a787b442


777 Bathroom between Business & First from ORD -> DFW. 2 holds due to weather, and some significant westerly routing – CaptBrando




I’m a reserve out of EWR, I got called off the couch for HNL and this is my laviator shot taken in the lav just aft of 1L on 767-400 prior to departure.  Big fan of your blog, I keep one too at


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