flight attendant interview (with me!)


Last week I sat down with Frommer’s editorial director David Lytle to chat about life in the sky, how to be a good passenger, and the laviators, of course!   To find out how I “met” David and whether or not David got groped, or was the gropee, on an airplane (and why I’m even talking about this in the first place) CLICK  THE LINK  —>  to listen to the interview.   Come on, don’t be scared, just click it!  Oh and don’t think I don’t already know I need to stop saying “ya know,” ya know?  

Photo courtesy of  Davitydave 

3 Replies to “ flight attendant interview (with me!)”

    1. Yes, we’ve got to spread the laviator word – and I need to do an update. There must be about 10 new laviators I need to add to the group!

  1. Very good interview Heather.

    And two of the those Frommers books in the above photo I own.

    1. Guatemala

    2. Greek Isles – Which I purchased the day I first met you (and your mom and kiddo) at the book store. You were planning your trip to Italy at the time. I was planning a trip to the Greek Isles with just myself and my wife, sailing by ourselves in a rented 34′ sailboat. The Italy books were near the Greek books.

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