Can’t make it in Hollywood? Become a flight attendant!

Dear Heather,450642954_6cbce9d065
So, I’m here at The Air and Space museam in DC, and it states that in order to be a flight attendant in the 1950s, under the appearance category, one must be attractive, “just below Hollywood standards.” It cracks me up to think that all these starlet rejects went into being a flight attendant as their “back-up plan.”
Dear Marlo,
I’ve heard from a few of our major Hollywood stars today that if they hadn’t made it in Hollywood they would have liked to have become a flight attendant.  Hmm….I do believe you’ve inspired a new Galley Gossip post!  Thank you!
Photo courtesy of  Vlastula

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  1. I’ve seen a number of flight attendants who were MUCH more attractive than movie stars.

    One was a delight named Kim, on Northwest, for instance. In the middle of the night she seemed concerned that I was the only pax fully awake on the upper deck of the 747. She asked if I wanted anything. Later, she asked again and I said that my only craving in the world was something like an Irish Coffee. Within minutes, she brought a delightfully acceptable substitute. That was so good that I sent a note to Northwest and was told that she was promoted, that my letter had been the deciding factor.

    Beautiful, too, was the lady who prepped us for a possibly bad landing in Okinawa when a flight showed something wrong with the landing gear. We were more impressed by the pilot, but the lass who told us what to do and how to do it … was perfect.

    If I am ever asked to judge a contest between a movie bimbo and a hard-working flight attendant, guess who will get my vote.

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