Flight Attendant In Flight Shoes: Me Too Sierra Button Wedge

Whenever I see a flight attendant wearing six-inch stilettos and walking through the terminal like Beyoncé, I can’t help but think she’s single and looking.  Not that that’s a bad thing!  I’m just saying.  I’m also saying it’s nearly impossible finding shoes that are comfortable and also fashionable, which is why the quest for the perfect flight attendant shoe just never ends.  On a layover last week I found myself at DSW on the hunt for a new pair of in flight shoes, something to change into right after take-off.  I was determined to find something that would not only look cute with a navy blue skirt, but also navy blue trousers.   Here’s what I found….    

 Me Too Sierra Button Wedge, DSW, $49.99

UPDATE:  While I loved the way these shoes looked and felt, the button fell off a month after purchasing them.


  1. Those are terminal shoes, not inflights. Flat, flat, flat or your back will hate you in 20 years. Ecco was my friend when I flew…

    I hope your airline allows that *thing* on the front. We had to have plain or had to dodge any supervisors in the area. They always notice…

    The 2 1/2″ inch rule is a joke. One me, that’s a wedge but one short chick I worked with, she was basically wearing stilettos. Five sizes smaller makes a difference!

  2. Hey…I was a flight attendant for NWA it was lot’s of fun. I sometime get ask about are flight bags people seem to like them alot.

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