Photo of the day: Sick and tired of all the nickel and diming, Mindy decides to save a dollar by skipping the “napkin fee”

Photo courtesy of Steven Pam

Quote courtesy of @IanHMoore



  1. “How Cool! They have a slide! No that is not a dead hamster on my tray, it’s my Danish thank you very much!”

  2. In the event of a water landing little Sally searches the emergency information card for the location of the Hamster Life Jackets.

  3. Leading by example: Choosing safety over breakfast Lily inspires her fellow passangers to focus on what is most important.

  4. Saving her “bread” Samantha decides to use it under her bottom for a little cushioning if she has to go down the slide. Because friction is hot, and who doesn’t like hot crossed buns?

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